Re: scanning messengers,like yahoo or msn?
Posted by marcus on 01/13/2002 @ 20:25:53 PST
In Reply to: scanning messengers,like yahoo or msn? posted by minion1 on 01/11/2002 @ 19:49:52 PST

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: is it possible to scan people in those lists? if so how? i
: have been attacked before through them

You didn't explain what type of "attack" you received.
Generally, in order for anyone to issue any type of "attack"
across the internet, they must have a target (your IP
address). In general, the instant messenger programs do not
reveal your IP address through regular messenging. However,
if you connect to send files, voice chat, or any other type
of direct connection, your IP address is revealed. You can
then be a target. However, if your computer is secure (no
backdoors, no file sharing, up to date OS and services,
etc.), they can do nothing more than DOS (Denial of Service)
attacks against you. This will likely, at most, slow down
your internet connection enough to prevent you from using
it. This is, of course, illegal in the U.S.

There are much easier ways to find targets to attack than
finding people on a chat program. Are you drawing extra
attention to yourself?

Some programs do reveal your IP. You need to investigate the
security ramifications of any software which you plan to use.

Recently it was revealed that AOL's Instant Messenger had a
very dangerous security weakness for some time, but the
weakness was patched immediately by AOL once discovered.

Does this answer you question?

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