Re: Determining IP Address Inventory
Posted by rawlogic on 07/25/2000 @ 10:49:55 PST
In Reply to: Determining IP Address Inventory posted by fletcherjames on 07/24/2000 @ 07:35:36 PST

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Here are the answers to your questions:

1. PortScan tries to connect using the TCP Internet
Protocol. If you're scanning TCP port 7 (echo), you're
scanning for a TCP Based Echo Service. RFC862 outlines this
service. I don't believe that NT servers run this service,
at least not by default. Most UNIX servers do run this
service. Perhaps you should be using the PING utility to
check the existence of computers on the network. Look
up "ping utility" in Windows Help, as a ping utility comes
with Windows 9x, NT, 2000, ME. Look up "Echo or Echo Reply
Messages" in RFC792 to read how the ping utility works using
ICMP. You can find free and shareware utilities that will
ping a range of IP addresses. Unfortunately, the NetView
suite doesn't have a ping utility, as it deals strictly with TCP.


2. NetView is scheduled to be released this week.
This version allows you to view computers without any shared
resources by filling in a new checkbox to show special/hidden
Interprocess Communication resources. Any computer with
NetBIOS turned on will have this IPC resource shared.
However, Windows 9x machines only have this resource when
file and print sharing is enabled. So, you can use this
feature to return IP addresses and NetBIOS names for
computers that have file and print sharing turned on, even if
nothing is being shared.

: I am in the process of cleaning up IP address assignments
: on a network which was previously only "semi-managed". It
: think that NetView and PortScan can help, but there are a
: couple of things that I haven't been able to figure out:

: 1. If I use PortScan to try to locate all addresses in use
: in our range, and select port 7 (Echo), I only see the NT
: servers. Is there a different port that I can use to find
: anything which will respond to a Ping?

: 2. If I do a NetScan for NETBios names, I only see nodes
: which have shares open. I know, for example, that there
: are two IP addresses in use, in a range which I wish to
: reserve for another purpose -- but I have no idea which
: devices are on those addresses. Does your software give me
: a way to find this information?

: If possible, please e-mail me with the answers.

: Levit & James, Inc.
: Fletcher James
: President

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