Re: All Port Scanning - Hooray!!
Posted by dubster on 01/14/2002 @ 10:26:43 PST
In Reply to: Re: All Port Scanning Needed posted by marcus on 01/14/2002 @ 06:09:17 PST

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Thanks for posting a work-around Marcus...
It's scanning all the ports as I type.
That's really helped me out, thankyou kindly..

: I apologize for this. I've looked into it, and it's
: obviously a bug. It must have been overlooked when
: It DOES work when using the IP Range. However, it works
: it did previously with the Single scan.

: As a work around, please use the IP Range and uncheck
: the "Use List" check box. I'll see what I can do to get
: fixed and release another version. Thanks for bringing
: up.

: : Even though I uncheck the "use list" box that should
: : enable ALL PORTS (1-65535) scanning, it still only
: : the usual ports, as if "0-ALL" is checked.
: : Could you either tell us how to make a deflist file to
: : scan every port, or post such a file for easy access on
: : your "Products" page?

: : Thanks in advance.
: : Jay Dubster.

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