Re: I'm sorry for being such a newbie, but...
Posted by bitserve on 02/14/2002 @ 15:48:03 PST
In Reply to: I'm sorry for being such a newbie, but... posted by Sergio on 02/13/2002 @ 12:24:05 PST

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It's possible that they also installed a trojan horse program
on your computer. You should use a reputable virus scanner
with the latest virus database to check your machine for
known trojans. Of course the only way to be absolutely sure
is to reinstall Windows.

You really only need to turn off Windows filesharing if your
running Windows 95/98/ME to secure your machine from Internet
attacks, unless you're running some kind of third party
network service program on your computer. If you're running
NT or 2000, just be sure that you haven't installed IIS or
any of the network services and you should be secure.

You'll also want to apply the upgrades from Microsoft's web
site to protect yourself against infecting yourself through
visiting web sites and email as easily. You should read the
FAQ on this web site about security.

Good luck.

: Well, I saw this page and i downloaded netbrute and all...

: I got (as they said) 'owned' and they deleted things in my
: computer , 2 days ago... I think they got into my computer
: trough the shared C: ... I took c: off the sharing, still
: i'm afraid this can happen again... what can I do
: to 'secure' my computer from this kind of people? :|

: Please help me.

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