Re: Looking for some long wordlists
Posted by bitserve on 02/14/2002 @ 15:55:52 PST
In Reply to: Looking for some long wordlists posted by Thor on 02/11/2002 @ 21:08:01 PST

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If your servers don't allow users to use dictionary words for
passwords, then a list of just words is going to be rather
useless. I find that the list on here has most of the common
passwords that people use that aren't dicitonary words, and
is sufficient for testing the strength of my users' passwords.

But if you find a longer list, that you find useful, please
let everyone know. :)

: Was sifting through some of my old backups and decided I
: might start getting back into comp. sec., I was going to
: grab some long wordlists (for DES) but most of the sites
: like packet storm that hosted all the good ones have now
: changed quite a bit or are entirely gone. I have the
: wordlist from here but I am looking for something long like
: 10 meg. Any idea what people are using these days?

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