Re: Windows XP known problems?
Posted by rawlogic on 02/19/2002 @ 08:10:03 PST
In Reply to: Windows XP known problems? posted by despise on 02/17/2002 @ 11:33:57 PST

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When NetBrute says that it's "getting resources", it doesn't
necessarily mean that there are any. NetBrute simply sends a
NetBIOS request for a list of resources, then displays the
results if any were returned. In addition, NetBrute doesn't
handle the actual task of requesting and receiving the list
of resources--it hands it off to the Windows operating
system. You will need to configure ZoneAlarm to allow File
Sharing to work from your computer.

Note that ZoneAlarm's FAQ states the following:
When the [Internet] Lock is engaged (at any Security setting
other than "Low"), local file and printer sharing are
blocked, NetBIOS calls from within applications are blocked,
and there may be other unforeseen difficulties if you try to
access the network.

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