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Posted by czkjyg2 on 04/13/2002 @ 22:35:54 PST

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First of all, thank you for allowing users to download and
test your program. Second, I will admit i dont know very
much about this as my question may indicate so i will
apologise now if i am mistaken.

Ive read through most of the posts here and have a question
that i hope you might be able to answer.

When i run NetBrute Scanner on other computers it
says "connection timed out" even if i kick the time out up
to 6000. I know that NetBrute is attempting to actualy
connect to them because i run a netmonitor and i see the

If i do an nbtstat -n on my computer(win98se) i get a
value in one of my lists which indicates sharing is enabled
(ive enabled netbios and printer sharing as well as a
folder on my c drive).

When i run a nbtstat -A myip i get the same info. If i run
netbrute scanner on my ip, it says getting resources, then
it says done, but shows nothing. If i do the portscan on
my ip it shows the port 139 listed.

Reading some of the other posts im beginning to think my
ISP is blocking UDP traffic. I understand you cannot say
for sure and it may be just a guess on your part, but my
question is, if my cable isp is blocking udp traffic, is it
just blocking me from recieving the traffic or is it
blocking everyone?

Im just wondering if they are attempting to protect my
computer's share's or are they just preventing their
subscribers such as myself for scanning for shares.

Any suggestings or incite is appreciated. If you dont want
to post here i have an email address at hotmail.com just
address it to czkjyg.

Thank you.

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