Re: Got no results in Win XP
Posted by notech on 07/19/2002 @ 15:32:32 PST
In Reply to: Got no results in Win XP posted by webtko on 07/17/2002 @ 08:15:11 PST

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You probably need to lower ZA's security settings. Netview
works fine for me on XP. Just enable File/Print Sharing on
your connectoid or Lan Settings. Double click Internet
Protocol/Advanced button/Wins Tab and enable Netbios over

Share one folder on your hard drive also. **Don't use the
XP wizard to share the folder** It hosed my system bigtime
and I couldn't access the net at all.

I usually have ZA set to high security settings, allowing
only outgoing DNS and outgoing Ping, in addition to outgoing
Port 139. But, I usually just drop down the security to
Medium and block incoming bios only.

Another thing you could try is XP's Administrator Tools -
Event Viewer. A wealth of information when services don't
work right.

that's all I can think of right now. Hope this helps.

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