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Posted by rawlogic on 09/18/2002 @ 07:06:17 PST
In Reply to: XP version posted by pepe on 09/17/2002 @ 19:03:13 PST

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You could potentially use null sessions to connect and
display File Shares (only if they don't have the firewall
enabled, of course), however, even if you connect and get a
list of resources, you'll still need a username AND password
to access the shares (unless they've enabled anonymous
access, which didn't even work when I tested it).

XP's file sharing is fairly safe unless you configure it very
specifically to behave like Windows 9x default behavior.
There's no way around this. However, it's quite possible
that there may be some backdoor/virus/worm that configures
the firewall and file sharing to allow anonymous access, in
which case, once your users became victims to this, they may
be vulnerable to scans.

One big thing is that when setting up XP, they should never
leave the administrator password blank, as this would always
be the username/password to try.

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