Re: NetBrute won't scan outside my local range.
Posted by rawlogic on 10/28/2002 @ 08:40:38 PST
In Reply to: NetBrute won't scan outside my local range. posted by crimson on 10/27/2002 @ 10:16:11 PST

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If you find some resources with nmap, please try to view the
resources using "net view" like this:

c:\> net view \\[target ip address]


c:\> net view \\

If net view isn't displaying the resources, then NetBrute
won't either because NetBrute uses Microsoft's API library.
If "net view" works, but NetBrute doesn't, please let us know.

What kind of results is nmap showing you? Is it just a list
of NetBIOS names, because the current version of NetBrute doesn't list NetBIOS names.

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