Re: NetBrute won't scan outside my local range.
Posted by mussi29 on 12/01/2002 @ 09:29:43 PST
In Reply to: NetBrute won't scan outside my local range. posted by crimson on 10/27/2002 @ 10:16:11 PST

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: Hi, this program is excellent and fun to use and it
: works great when scanning the computer on my lan and the
: computers in my ip range. I've noticed that a lot of
: people with my isp have no security at all.
: But my problem is that it won't show any resources
: outside the range of ! Why is this? nmap
: will find netbios ports open on other networks, but
: netbrute won't even find them! Do I have something like
: the problem Juma had?

: P.S. -- it's good to see you actually put real users
: comments on the website because mines up :) Thanks --
: Adam K.

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