Re: No result for Netbrute, Many for port scan??
Posted by rawlogic on 12/11/2002 @ 07:08:42 PST
In Reply to: No result for Netbrute, Many for port scan?? posted by zlime on 11/13/2002 @ 20:15:34 PST

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Switching ISPs can always be a problem. Some ISPs block UDP
traffic on the required ports for File Sharing, some block
UDP altogether.

In addition, TCP port 139 will be listening if you have file
sharing enabled, but have nothing shared.

In order to test, you should scan a computer that you are
certain has files shared.

: Ive tried to scan port 139 many times, but come up with
: nothing. I can scan same port with Port scan and come up
: with many result. Is there something im not doing. We just
: switched ISP, could that be the problem?? Anything will
: help. Thanks

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