Re: A Message to Raw Logic
Posted by rawlogic on 12/11/2002 @ 07:58:53 PST
In Reply to: A Message to Raw Logic posted by tcfreestyle on 12/08/2002 @ 15:07:13 PST

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Thanks for the compliment on the product.

Your other statement, however, seems somewhat subjective.

The presumption is that these are inexperienced end users who
need to verify (by scanning their own computers) that
NetBrute works so that they can come to understand, by seeing
first-hand, the issues related with resource sharing.

Messages that are obviously mischievous are removed from the
board with no answer. Others are often cautioned to make
sure that they are scanning only their own computers.

Please understand that Raw Logic's larger message is the sum
of all of the messages on this board, and cannot be
interpreted from a single reply where we may not always
choose to go into the moral and often illegal issues
regarding harming other people's data.

The goal of NetBrute is to educate so that resource sharing
is done in a responsible manner. Don't you hate it when your
ISP blocks SMB, preventing you from grabbing files off your
office network? We need to educate everybody so that ISPs
don't restrict the internet to protect the uneducated.


Marcus Adams

: You have a great product, but it seems to me that your
: message boards are filled with questions from juvenile
: hackers. You are also answering them with the information
: they requested with may be potentially harmful. From what
: I have read on Raw Logic this is supposed to be an
: internet security website, but you are doing the exact
: opposite by answering these questions. I just ask that
: you use caution in responding to some of these posts.
: Other than that you have a great product.

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