Re: Netbios problems
Posted by andyalex1 on 01/08/2003 @ 09:07:33 PST
In Reply to: Netbios problems posted by sadman on 08/02/2002 @ 12:09:47 PST

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Netbrute is doing the same thing for me. Not only does it
sometime skip through the bulk of address (usually it would
spen 1-2 seconds per IP address, now it scans 100 addresses
in 1 second.)

Also, sometime it does can correctly, but only address in my
range. This would be fine except I need to scan three
seperate IP ranges and only machine is only located in one of

Has something changed? I'm sure that I am still using the
same version. I run Windows 2000 advanced server. If it
wasn't something with Netbrute, could it be some blocking
implemented by Microsoft? (I religiously use windows
update). Or, could it be some sort of new blocking put in
place by my ISP?


: Hi, I was having a great time with Netbrute.Then it
: suddenly stopped working. It kind of goes quickly through
: half the IP addresses in the range then sort of gives up.
: My network configuration is the same. I thought it might be
: my ISP blocking that traffic but I tried it using a
: different ISP/dial-up. Same thing. Any ideas?

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