Re: des algorithm for htpasswd file generation for iWS4.0
Posted by marcus on 09/19/2000 @ 13:08:51 PST
In Reply to: des algorithm for htpasswd file generation for iWS4.0 posted by pratik on 09/13/2000 @ 02:13:23 PST

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I believe that htpasswd generally uses the Unix crypt(3)
function. You will want to port the function from another
program or write your own. You can take a look at the
OpenSSL crypto library, especially the des_fcrypt and
des_crypt functions. Also, you may wish to do a search on
the internet for crypt(3). The crypt(3) function is a
derivative of DES. If your web server is Unix based, you
will likely already have the crypt library available.

: I am trying to implement the .htpasswd based user
: authentication in iPlanet Web server 4.0 SP2.
: As the htpasswd utility of apache (which uses MD5 & crypt)
: cannot be used for iWS (which uses DES) can anyone suggest
: an alternative utility for this purpose?

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