Re: Netbrute Tries To Send Email When Scanning Ports
Posted by rawlogic on 11/10/2003 @ 11:19:02 PST
In Reply to: Netbrute Tries To Send Email When Scanning Ports posted by wvman45 on 10/12/2003 @ 04:45:16 PST

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Bitserve's right. Read his post.

: I have used this program briefly in the past, and just
: started using it again today. When performing a port scan
: all available ports on a single host, my firewall alerted
: that Netbrute attempting to send an email. I denied this,
: course, and now I would like to know why the program made
: the attempt? By asking the question via this forum, I'm
: going the easy route. However, in absence of an acceptable
: answer, I will sniff packets next time I run Netbrute.
: Thanks,
: Chuck

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