Re: Netbrute Tries To Send Email When Scanning Ports
Posted by mdscos on 02/22/2005 @ 10:56:04 PST
In Reply to: Netbrute Tries To Send Email When Scanning Ports posted by wvman45 on 10/12/2003 @ 04:45:16 PST

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bitserve is right -- although he doesn't have much tact.

Dude, figure out that the whole world can't have quite as
much experience as you and I. Obviously a dumb software
firewall is going to see an outgoing SMTP request as
an "attempt to send e-mail" -- at least that is obvious to
people like us who have been around this stuff for a long
time. But yes, even we had to learn this concept at some
point in our lives. As more senior level engineers, it is
only right that we (graciously) help other people learn.

: I have used this program briefly in the past, and just
: started using it again today. When performing a port scan
: all available ports on a single host, my firewall alerted
: that Netbrute attempting to send an email. I denied this,
: course, and now I would like to know why the program made
: the attempt? By asking the question via this forum, I'm
: going the easy route. However, in absence of an acceptable
: answer, I will sniff packets next time I run Netbrute.
: Thanks,
: Chuck

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