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Posted by williedel on 06/04/2005 @ 21:30:25 PST
In Reply to: syllogistic arguments posted by htonibutter on 04/27/2005 @ 21:24:51 PST

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: The following are examples of syllogistic arguments that
: are missing the conclusions. Study the two reasons very
: carefully and complete the syllogism with the conclusion
: that logically follows.
: 6. All fragile things are breakable things.
: Some glasses are fragile things.
: Therefore some glasses are breakable.
: 7. All mammals are warm-blooded animals.
: All whales are mammals.
: Therefore all whales are warm-blooded.
: 8. All books are things with pages.
: Some books are mysteries.
: Therefore all mysteries are books with pages.
: 9. All flowers are pretty objects.
: All pansies are flowers.
: Therefore all pansies are pretty.
: 10. No animals are plants.
: All sheep are animals.
: Therefore sheep are not plants.

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