Re: Do you plan MultiThreaded Scans in nex Version?
Posted by rawlogic on 10/24/2000 @ 06:16:46 PST
In Reply to: Do you plan MultiThreaded Scans in nex Version? posted by pappsack on 10/20/2000 @ 03:20:24 PST

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We're glad that you find the NetView Scanner Suite useful.
The short answer is yes, we plan on multi-threaded scans.

However, the long answer is it will probably take us two
versions to get there. The first goal is to seperate the
scanning threads from the graphical user interface so that
the program is more responsive and more stable. Once that
has been accomplished, we plan to investigage the best way to
implement multi-threaded scans.

Initially, we were most concerned with obtaining accurate
results, and as it turns out, we were very pleased with the
results and speed of the SMB scanner, compared to the few
similar programs we've found.

: Hi,

: First - thanks for this great proggie! Do you plan
: MultiThreaded scans in next version for scanning much more
: faster bigger Adress Ranges?

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