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Posted by htonibutter on 10/29/2005 @ 17:00:05 PST

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1)Describe the situation or behavior
a) specifically
b) without making assumptions
c) in concrete terms, not judgments

2)Explain your reaction to the behavior, or the
consequences of the behavior
a) specifically
b) related to the behavior, not the person
c) calmly
d) without exaggeration

3)Request a change (if needed)
a) realistically
b) invite discussion

4)Express the potential results of change (if needed).
a) realistically
b) specifically

10)One member of your Learning Team is consistently late
with his portion of the assignments. You are now working on
your final assignment, worth 20 points, and this member has
again not submitted his section on time. It is now one day
past deadline established by the team for submitting

11)One of your employees finally completes a complex
procedure correctly, after many attempts.

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