Re: Connection Timed Out
Posted by JackRunner on 02/03/2001 @ 09:51:02 PST
In Reply to: Re: Connection Timed Out posted by rawlogic on 08/22/2000 @ 09:16:22 PST

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I have the same Problem with a DSL line. I used NetView on to
scan an PC with a DSL internet-connection from my ISDN
connection. The scanned System is a WIN98-System with shared
resources and no firewall. I tryed the Netview-option but get
no hit's. After that i do a Port-Scan on this connection and
get the Message: "Connection Timed out" quickly for each Port
i scanned, again no hit's...
So I pinged the IP of the DSL-PC and get a Time to Live
expired from it.
Why I'm not abel to ping a DSL-PC over the internet?
NetView didn't work on DSL-connections?

:Could you rephrase the question? I don't understand the
:problem. Please describe the exact steps that you are
:taking and state where the problem occurs.

:: When I scan a range of IP Addresses and it comes across a
:: valid IP it quickly says Connection Timed Out to the right
:: then moves on, thus not logging to any of our IP's. I have
:: done so in the past. Any suggestions? We recently
:: installed a business DSL line. Would that make any
:: difference? Thanks for your help. If anybody has any
:: suggestions, you may reach me at
:: Thanks again,
:: Taylor

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