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Posted by lbtigress68 on 12/30/2005 @ 18:22:08 PST
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: 1)Describe the situation or behavior
: a) specifically
: b) without making assumptions
: c) in concrete terms, not judgments

: 2)Explain your reaction to the behavior, or the
: consequences of the behavior
: a) specifically
: b) related to the behavior, not the person
: c) calmly
: d) without exaggeration

: 3)Request a change (if needed)
: a) realistically
: b) invite discussion

: 4)Express the potential results of change (if needed).
: a) realistically
: b) specifically

: Describe a time in which you received feedback that you
: felt was counterproductive. Evaluate the feedback based on
: the four guidelines listed on this worksheet and suggest
: how the feedback could have been delivered more
: effectively. Please type your responses and use complete
: sentences

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