Re: NetView & DSL?
Posted by rawlogic on 02/23/2001 @ 11:07:32 PST
In Reply to: NetView & DSL? posted by JackRunner on 02/03/2001 @ 09:53:34 PST

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Raw Logic's NetView Scanner Suite has been tested and
verified to work over DSL lines. I suspect that many NetView
Scanner users scan over a DSL line.

There could be a problem with the way that your DSL
connection is implemented. The router that you are using may
not be able to route the traffic required (especially UDP
traffic), or may be blocking its use.

I would recommend talking to the providers of your DSL line
and ask them if it supports Microsoft File and Printer
Sharing across the Interenet.

If you feel that the problem is a "time out" issue, increase
the time out value in NetView Scanner.

Many digital subscriber providers block File and Print
Sharing to protect their users. While limiting, it is safer
for the unsophisticated user.

: I have the same Problem with a DSL line. I used NetView on
: to
: scan an PC with a DSL internet-connection from my ISDN
: connection. The scanned System is a WIN98-System with
: shared
: resources and no firewall. I tryed the Netview-option but
: get
: no hit's. After that i do a Port-Scan on this connection
: and
: get the Message: "Connection Timed out" quickly for each
: Port
: i scanned, again no hit's...
: So I pinged the IP of the DSL-PC and get a Time to Live
: expired from it.
: Why I'm not abel to ping a DSL-PC over the internet?
: NetView didn't work on DSL-connections?

: :Could you rephrase the question? I don't understand the
: :problem. Please describe the exact steps that you are
: :taking and state where the problem occurs.

: :: When I scan a range of IP Addresses and it comes across
: a
: :: valid IP it quickly says Connection Timed Out to the
: right
: :: then moves on, thus not logging to any of our IP's. I
: have
: :: done so in the past. Any suggestions? We recently
: :: installed a business DSL line. Would that make any
: :: difference? Thanks for your help. If anybody has any
: :: suggestions, you may reach me at
: :: Thanks again,
: :: Taylor

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