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Posted by Samielyana on 03/18/2006 @ 19:48:35 PST
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: Hypothetical syllogisms (conditional arguments) can have
: two valid and two invalid structures. The two valid
: structures are affirming the antecedent (modus ponens) and
: denying the consequent (modus tollens). The two invalid
: structures, or fallacies, are denying the antecedent and
: affirming the consequent. Determine if the arguments below
: are valid or invalid and what form they take. The first one
: has been done for you.
: (NOTE: The term "modus pollens" has been used in some texts
: as a version of "modus ponens." For the purposes of this
: exercise, "modus ponens" will be used.)
: SAMPLE: Chris and Nick would be very happy if the Browns
: beat the Steelers. The Browns did beat the Steelers, so
: Chris and Nick are very happy, indeed.
: Valid Modus Ponens (Affirming the Antecedent)
: 11. Madeline must have known the material for the test,
: because if a person knows the material, that person will
: always get an A, and Madeline was one of the students that
: got an A.
: 12. Anastasia believes that if she treats people honestly
: and with an open mind, she will have diverse friendships.
: She is honest and open-minded and has friends all over the
: world.
: 13. Roberto thought that if he worked very hard, his boss
: would give him a raise or a promotion. He made sure she
: noticed him, but she did not give him a raise or promotion.
: He thought he must not have worked hard enough.
: 14. "I'm still eating too much ice cream," lamented
: George. "My waist measurement is the same as it was six
: months ago. I know if I didn't eat so much ice cream, I
: would reduce my waist size."
: 15. The good way to make sure we pay fewer taxes is to
: elect conservatives. We must not have elected enough
: conservatives, because we are paying more taxes.
: 16. If my neighbor were a decent human being, he wouldn't
: let his tree leaves fall onto my property. But he's not a
: decent human being, so we get to clean his tree leaves as
: well as ours.
: 17. We'll have fun and learn a lot in this course, if we
: have great facilitator. We do have a great facilitator;
: therefore we are learning a lot and having fun doing it!
: 18. If I could only understand the concept of
: hypothetical syllogisms, I would get an A in class. Hurray!
: I got an A in class, so I must have understood the concept
: of hypothetical syllogisms.

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