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If your home network and your internet connection share the
same network card, and you wish to use file and print sharing
locally, but not across the internet, simply unbind the
TCP/IP protocol installed for you network adapter from "File
and printer sharing" by going into your network properties,
selecting the TCP/IP associated with your network card, go to
the bindings tab, and uncheck the box for "File and printer
sharing". This will prevent "File and printer sharing" from
operating across TCP/IP.

Now install NetBEUI for you network adapter by selecting your
network adapter, pressing the add button, choose protocol,
Microsoft, NetBEUI. You will probably be asked to reboot
your computer, don't reboot yet.

Now select the NetBEUI protocol which you've associated with
your network adapter, go to the binding tab, and make sure
you've bound NetBEUI to "File and printer sharing" by filling
in the check box.

Reboot your computer after you've done this.

The NetBEUI protocol is not routable through the internet, as
the Internet only support IP traffic.

You will have to complete the above steps for each computer
on your home network.

If your home network and your internet connection use
seperate network cards, this is the ideal solution. Simply
have File and printer sharing bound on your home network
cards, and not on the external card.

: Greetings:
: First and foremost .... thanx for the great software. I
: have been configuring my home network (without firewall),
: and I have found this software very useful to identify my
: home network vunerablities.

: Now that I know "enough to be dangerous", by means of
: binding associations and NIC configurations ... I think I
: am relatively safe "unless targeted" by a sophisiticated
: hacker ... but what would they want with my PC info?

: Anyway, there is one open issue with which I am
: uncomfortable.... My shared printer seems to allow access
: into my "system" folder, which of course is where all my
: critical system files reside. What can I do to block
: authorized access to this folder, or am I overly paranoid?

: Thank you in advance.

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