Re: Why no data?
Posted by rawlogic on 03/22/2001 @ 19:11:24 PST
In Reply to: Re: Why no data? posted by mikefortune on 01/12/2001 @ 10:32:47 PST

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Yes, if you've configured everything properly and still get
no results, even with "net view" from the command line, then
your ISP is likely blocking NetBIOS traffic, or simply not
routing UDP.

: In follow up, I forgot to mention, I cannot get net view
: dos mode to work on anything outside my domain. I haven't
: been able to for quite some time. Are there any new tools
: that ISPs are using to stop netBIOS shares or something?

: : I have had these same problems and rechecked everything.
: : still see nothing. Is there something missing from the
: : winsock 3? I am running win2000. I use to use legion
: : this same task, but for a while now, it has become
: useless.
: : Is there an issue I am not aware of?

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