Re: 10022:Invalid Argument
Posted by rawlogic on 03/28/2001 @ 14:50:43 PST
In Reply to: Re: 10022:Invalid Argument posted by Phreak on 03/28/2001 @ 08:41:50 PST

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I apologize. I overlooked the fact that you are running
black ice defender.

Try using the following command from the command line.

net view \\[Remote IP address]

for example:

C:\>net view \\

Ideally, you'll receive results similar to this:

Shared resources at \\


Share name Type Used as Comment

full Disk
Shared Disk
The command completed successfully.

I want to assure you that NetBrute has been tested and
functions correctly on all of the following platforms:

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000

If you have problems with the above command, it is likely a
problem with Black Ice. If the above works, please let me
know if PortScan works.

Did you upgrade to Windows 2000 from 98?

: Hi, i've the same problem.
: i'm getting the error when doing a NetBIOS scan.
: TCP/IP is installed.
: I'm using win2k.

: : Are you getting the error when you do a NetBIOS scan or a
: : Port Scan? Please provide more information on when you
: : receive the error and what type of system you have.

: : Do you have TCP/IP installed?

: : : When attempting to do a scam I receive the above error.
: : : I am running a win2k AS with black ice.
: : : Thanks

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