Re: saving results.
Posted by marcus on 04/26/2001 @ 18:56:16 PST
In Reply to: saving results. posted by gregghoush on 04/26/2001 @ 12:26:14 PST

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Those are a few good ideas. Currently, you should
click "Report View" after running it. You can then cut the
results and paste them into a text editor to print,
manipulate, or save.

I'd like to see NetBrute load a list of IP's or host names to
scan. I'll have to see whether it gets into the next version
or not. That, combined with the feature above, though not
elegant, should accomplish what you're trying to do.

: All of the SMB scanners lack 1 critical feature to make
: them usefull. Saving and loading of the results. So I can
: scan overnight, a huge block of my network (we have 4 class
: b's) and then save the results, and review them in a day or
: so, without having to leave the application running. I
: would also like to see a "verify save file" option, it
: would take the results from that file, and make sure they
: all still exist, if they dont, it will remove them.

: Is this something that you could add to NetBrute?

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