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Posted by marcus on 06/08/2000 @ 20:39:17 PST
In Reply to: your program posted by rder2 on 06/07/2000 @ 13:37:09 PST

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NetView Scanner Suite was designed to test the security of
your own computers and network.

Although NetView Scanner Suite could also potentially be used
to illicitly scan networks that are not under your control,
it was designed to protect yourself by having the same
capabilities as similar programs that before now
could only be operated by advanced computer users.

Hackers use tools similar to NetView Scanner Suite to
identify security weaknesses in your systems. It is important
that you use NetView to find these weaknesses before they do.

Obviously many people's actual intent is to share files and
folders with the world, and just as obviously many people, if
they were informed, would not be sharing these files with the

Please contact your local law enforcement agency to find out
if the way that you wish to use any program is legal. I
suspect that the reason you asked the question is because of
your good conscience, and I hope that you will
use NetView responsibly.

I hope that all people do one day understand the use of File
and Print Sharing and that often, you are actually sharing
these resources with the world. Then, we can access these
shared drives without fear of misunderstandings. We'll have a
large network of informed users sharing their files, at will,
with the public.

If possible, you may wish to make use of Raw Logic Software's
anonymous informant system to notify people if you feel
you've come across mistakenly shared resources.

Thank you for asking an important question.


Marcus Adams
Raw Logic Software

: I downloaded your program recently. I was using it to check
: out the addresses that were probing my computer. While doin
: so I found peoples computers who were sharing files. Is
: this legal to scan like this?
: Thanks
: Joel

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