Re: hidden shares
Posted by rawlogic on 06/20/2000 @ 10:16:54 PST
In Reply to: hidden shares posted by dan on 06/19/2000 @ 19:16:25 PST

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Unfortunately, NetView Scanner doesn't show hidden shares.
You're right in that the results are the same as your network
neighborhood will show. The difference is that you can use
NetView from outside of your network, by targeting IP

If hackers are able to view hidden shares, then certainly the
ability needs to be added so that you can view them as well.

Your question, therefore, is a wonderful suggestion, and if
possible, the ability to view hidden shares will be added to
a future version of NetView.

Thank you.

: netview works great.but net nieghborhood shows the same
: results ..can netview be used to uncover the hidden shares
: that can be hacked as well.....

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