Re: Determining IP Address Inventory
Posted by mmaib on 11/24/2001 @ 00:54:11 PST
In Reply to: Determining IP Address Inventory posted by fletcherjames on 07/24/2000 @ 07:35:36 PST

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: I am in the process of cleaning up IP address assignments
: on a network which was previously only "semi-managed". It
: think that NetView and PortScan can help, but there are a
: couple of things that I haven't been able to figure out:

: 1. If I use PortScan to try to locate all addresses in use
: in our range, and select port 7 (Echo), I only see the NT
: servers. Is there a different port that I can use to find
: anything which will respond to a Ping?

: 2. If I do a NetScan for NETBios names, I only see nodes
: which have shares open. I know, for example, that there
: are two IP addresses in use, in a range which I wish to
: reserve for another purpose -- but I have no idea which
: devices are on those addresses. Does your software give me
: a way to find this information?

: If possible, please e-mail me with the answers.

: Levit & James, Inc.
: Fletcher James
: President

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