Re: Patching/Disabling Fileshares
Posted by rawlogic on 12/10/2001 @ 10:32:43 PST
In Reply to: Patching/Disabling Fileshares posted by daveh on 12/07/2001 @ 16:24:26 PST

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For Windows 95/98/Me:

It's easier than that. Simply right-click the "Network
Neighborhood" icon on each computer that has access to the
internet and pick "properties" from the pop-up menu. Find
the TCP/IP protocol that is bound to your network interface
card, click "properties", go to the "bindings" tab and remove
the check from the box titled "Microsoft File and Printer

If you have another protocol installed, NetBUEI, for
instance, you can bind file and printer sharing to this non-
routable protocol and still share your resources locally,
without having them accessed via the Internet.

The instructions are slightly different for NT, 2000, and
XP. You'll find the protocol bindings in "Network and Dialup
Connections" in your control panel.

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