Victims Vs Hackers
Posted by weiming on 04/23/2002 @ 17:48:52 PST

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hi, i'm a newbie.... am i right to say portscanning can check on
my computer's weak points? i did portscanning on all the TCP
ports on a range of ip. my ip is the one ending with .27
Those ip addresses other than mine showing ftp means that
their ftp are vulnerable or it simply meant that i've no ftp?
My ip address showed up on port smtp, POP-3 and netbios....
does it mean i'm vulnerable on those ports? how to protect

???.30.226.25 #21 ftp
.30.226.26 #21 ftp
.30.226.28 #21 ftp
.30.226.29 #21 ftp
.30.226.25 #25 smtp
.30.226.26 #25 smtp
.30.226.27 #25 smtp
.30.226.28 #25 smtp
.30.226.29 #25 smtp
.30.226.25 #110 pop-3
.30.226.26 #110 pop-3
.30.226.27 #110 pop-3
.30.226.28 #110 pop-3
.30.226.29 #110 pop-3
.30.226.25 #139 netbios-ssn
.30.226.26 #139 netbios-ssn
.30.226.27 #139 netbios-ssn
.30.226.25 #5631 pcanywhere

By the way i'm running zone alarm setting both sliders to low.
Is it enough to block hackers? i'm also running norton anti-virus
2002. why do hackers use portscanning? i know in a trojan
horse virus... the hacker needs to know victims ip address and
port number, but that port number is default at port 21554
Lets say a hacker scans my ip address.... the ports showed up
in above... can he hack my computer even though i've installed
and executed his trojan horse. what ports does he need?

Please advise....

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