Re: Victims Vs Hackers
Posted by rawlogic on 04/25/2002 @ 08:30:18 PST
In Reply to: Victims Vs Hackers posted by weiming on 04/23/2002 @ 17:48:52 PST

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Unless Zone Alarm notified you when you were being scanned,
and especially when PortScan made connections to your ports
25, 110, and 139, then Zone Alarm probably isn't protecting
you. You need to read the help instructions for Zone Alarm

Any ports that show up in PortScan, you need to identify
those services and evaluate whether a) they should be running
and b) whether they're secure. Because port 21 didn't yield
results against your IP, you're probably not running an FTP
server on port 21.

It is not normal for a PC workstation to have ports 25 and
110 open, as these mail services usually aren't ran on a PC
workstation. Are you running Exchange Server or some other
type of mail server?

If port 139 yields results against your IP, you're probably
running File Sharing. You need to try NetBrute to see if
you've set this up securely.

It sounds like you need to read to get a basic understanding
of TCP/IP. Try the following link.

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