Windows XP Microsoft Explorer Constant Refreshing Within Network Places
Posted by CraigKeegan on 10/03/2002 @ 23:32:22 PST

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I would appreciate your assistance to establish a solution
or work around for this obvious problem within Windows XP.

Problem Synopsis
Windows XP Windows Explorer refreshes all clients after a
file or directory alteration within a Network Place, even
though these clients are not monitoring that specific
folder at the time.

Problem History
I have checked the Internet, Logged and paid for a call
with Microsoft and received no result.

The implications of this issue are that it can take up to
50 seconds to change folders within Windows Explorer.
This calculated out for 200 staff, 8 hours a day, it is
very expensive for an organisation.

It has been suggested that I e-mail I find this silly as this is an
obvious bug and degradation to Windows XP. This does not
occur under Windows 2000 Professional.

I have escalated it as far as I can in Microsoft
Australia, who have now washed their hands of the issue as
being too hard.

Windows XP Problem Scenario
2 Windows XP Professional machines networked together.

Both are connected up to the same network place of \\PC1
\Test =20

In \\PC1\Test there are 3 sub directories \\PC1\Test\A &
\\PC1\Test\B & \\PC1\Test\B\B1.

In \\PC1\Test\B there are say 1000 files.

PC1 has Windows Explorer open and looking at \\PC1\Test\B

PC2 has Windows Explorer open and looking at \\PC1\Test\A

PC1 moves files from \\PC1\Test\B to \\PC1\Test\B\B1,
while PC2 monitors \\PC1\Test\A

At the conclusion of the move PC1's Windows Explorer will
refresh and the cursor will go to the hour glass for a
fraction of a second.

I have tested this on multiple DELL Desktops, multiple
DELL Laptops, Toshiba Laptops, HP Desktops and Clones. I
have tested this with Windows XP from Select and Full
Package domestic along with Service Pack 1. I have tested
this on SOE machines and non-SOE machines.

The implications of this are that with 100's of users
connected to a standard share at a site this refreshes

Ways to reduce the effect
1. Reduce the users on the Network Place
2. Minimise the activity in the Network Place
3. Map Network Places to further down the directory
4. To eliminate the problem map a network drive to the
Network Place, or a subdirectory within the Network Place


Craig Keegan
NTSecurity Pty Ltd
0412 141719

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