Re: Why no data?
Posted by rawlogic on 09/27/2000 @ 14:06:38 PST
In Reply to: Why no data? posted by Bruce on 09/27/2000 @ 11:41:41 PST

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You'll see "getting resources" whenever NetView finds a
computer with file sharing enabled (NetBIOS port 139 is
listening); however, if NetView doesn't find any shared
resources, it doesn't display the computer in the results.
To verify that this is the case, you can check the "Show
IPCs" check box. Any computer with file sharing (NetBIOS)
enabled should have the hidden IPC resource.

NetView attempts to connect to port 139 on the remote
computer via TCP. If a connection can be made, then NetView
attempts to retrieve the resources and displays the
message "getting resources". Port 139 is supposed to be
reserved for NetBIOS. If a computer is allowing connections
to port 139, but there is not an IPC resource shared, then
the NetBIOS service is not running. It may be running some
other type of service on port 139 (it may not be a Windows

: I just downloaded and ran a "netview" scan on our
class C range. There were several
: addresses wher it said "x.x.x.x getting resources..." but
nothing was displayed in the window where I
: think results are supposed to show up. Am I doing
something wrong?

: Bruce

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