Posted by Max on 07/10/2001 @ 00:11:26 PST

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Nice program. I understand the base of what you do as
security and what you do you do very well. However could
you also not see that you are allowing the hacker, or just
another user who finds and understands your program even
easyer access into an uncountable amount of computers
without a problem. I am currently behind 2 firewalls on
broadband, but a few years back when I was on a household
network with my computer runing the 56k connection and I
was sharing everything this program makes me wonder why my
printer didnot start printing out YOUR GOING TO DIE! or
something like that. With NetBrute you can go through
everyone shares and print off shared printers. It may make
your program to powerful, but if it was made to scan a
large band of ips I would suggest a wider search range of
ips say like 100.100.(1-254).1-254) or whatever. Would it
be possible to send a message through the netbios port
short of saving a file on the clients machine. I would not
say a text field but a warn this person button and its
sends and warning to the user that there sharing there
computer with the rest of the world.
My ideas so you dont have to pay much attention to them


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