Re: Rethink...
Posted by marcus on 07/15/2001 @ 05:58:03 PST
In Reply to: Rethink... posted by Max on 07/10/2001 @ 00:11:26 PST

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NetBrute already scans a larger network as you suggest. It
will scan class B networks (example: 100.100.1-255.1-254).
Simply turn off Class C by selecting Options|Class C.

The problem with windows messaging is that it's difficult to
implement on Windows 95/98/Me. Those operating systems don't
have a messaging service running by default, so unless
they're running winpopup, they're not going to get the
message. It's easy to send a popup message to Windows
NT/2000 users (from NT/2000). We're currently investigating
solutions. Thanks for the suggestion.

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