Re: No NetBrute Results
Posted by rawlogic on 09/11/2001 @ 05:58:53 PST
In Reply to: No NetBrute Results posted by Ring0 on 09/08/2001 @ 19:37:48 PST

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: So why can't i view the
: results even when it says "getting resources"?
: Any help would be appriciated.

1) You're not finding any shared resources.

This is most likely your problem.

NetBrute says it's getting shared resources whenever it finds
a NetBIOS connection. If it finds that they're not sharing
any printers or drives, however, it doesn't display anything
and moves on to the next computer. Try checking the "Show
IPCs" checkbox. You should then be able to see the IPC
interface that those computers are sharing as well. This
will help to determine if things are working at all.

2) Your ISP is blocking or not routing UDP traffic or is not
routing it on the NetBIOS ports.

UDP must be enabled for file sharing handshaking to succeed.
You still get the attempts by NetBrute to get resources
because it attempts a connection to the listening NetBIOS
port 139 via TCP. This is the most reliable way of
determining if someone is running file sharing. However,
this TCP connection doesn't handle everything required for a
succesful NetBIOS/file sharing connection.

To test to see if this is the problem, issue the following
command from the MS DOS prompt against one of the IPs which
NetBrute is attempting to get resources from:

If you don't get a list of NetBIOS information, your computer
is still not configured properly or UDP traffic is not being

If you run the command against your own IP, you should
definitely get some results if things are configured properly.

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