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Success Strategies...
Raw Logic Software is dedicated to helping you in the development and implementation of strategies to ensure the security of your computers and networks.

Whether you have a single machine, a single LAN, or a WAN that is connected through the Internet, it's never too late to take a look at your status as a safe and protected system.

Staying Informed...
Raw Logic wants to help you stay informed of the latest security risks, viruses, and other hazards that may effect the integrity of your systems and data.

Whereas, you may think that your data represents thousands of dollars or thousands of man-hours, Raw Logic assumes that your data is priceless, irreplaceable, and confidential!

Security Tools...
In tune with our mission, our popular NetBrute Scanner suite of Network Security Tools is now available to download!

Informing Others...
If someone finds a hole in your security, we will try to provide them with the means to let you know about it. Everyone can benefit if the good Samaritan can alert you without the fear of prosecution or misunderstandings.

Your vault...

Can it be cracked?

Sleep well at night knowing that your data is 99.9% secure from would be hackers, abusive users, and data exposure.

We know that you have better things to do than worry about denial of service attacks, IP spoofing, and spam abuse.