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Informing Others

If someone finds a hole in your security, we will try to provide them with the means to let you know about it. Everyone can benefit if the good samaritan can alert you without the fear of prosecution or misunderstandings.

The tool that we use is an anonymous emailer. Although you have to register to use the system, account information related to any particular email message is only stored for 24 hours (long enough for us to prevent abuse of the system).

You can use this system as a way to notify a system admnistrator of a security weakness without having to worry about being tracked down and prosecuted over a misunderstanding.

The system admnistrator has a chance to repond by posting to a special discussion board, designed just for this purpose.

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We do not endorse breaking into computer systems. If you are doing it, you are only asking for trouble with the law.

We believe that it is possible for the average innocent person to have information about a security hole or breach in a computer system.

We believe that the only reason why the average person doesn't pass this valuable information along to the administrator of the system is fear of persecution.