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Cincinnati, Ohio, Apr. 27, 2000 - In a bold move today, Raw Logic Software announced that they are freely releasing their suite of network security applications that runs on the popular Windows operating system.

"Our NetBrute Scanner Suite is an optimum solution for the home user and network consultant that wants to test the security of their network and still use the Windows platform that they're familiar with. We've all heard that we should turn off printer and file sharing in our network control panel, but most don't know how this feature is exploited. Now, with NetBrute, you'll see if you're open to this type of attack. You'll see what they see," said Marcus Adams, president and founder of the Cincinnati based firm. "Though the NetBrute suite includes tools for Port Scanning and testing HTTP Authentication, exploiting printer and file sharing is, by far, the most popular. You'll use this function the most."

Just setting up your network isn't enough these days. If you're not constantly testing the security of your network, you're asking for trouble from ruthless hackers or mischievous employees. With this free suite of network tools, you can perform security analysis with no learning curve, and no money out of your pocket. This innovative product is bound to have a promising future while it becomes famous for preventing many expensive security compromises.

"I expect NetBrute to make headlines because in itself, it is a powerful tool that hackers could use to exploit security holes in your network, but the tools have been out there for years. I've taken those tools and given them to you," added Adams. "It's like turning the knob and pushing on the door of your house to make sure it's locked. You're taking the initiative of checking your network or home computer before the hackers do."

About Raw Logic Software

Raw Logic Software is a research and development firm that is dedicated to bringing you peace of mind by keeping you up to date on the latest in network security. In tune with this mission, they currently provide tools and information that should prove to be valuable to the average network engineer or home computer user. You can find more information about Raw Logic by visiting their site on the World Wide Web at www.rawlogic.com.

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"It's like turning the knob and pushing on the door of your house to make sure it's locked."

- Marcus Adams
President of Raw Logic