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NetBrute Scanner is a suite of three valuable network tools and is absolutely free to download.


NetBrute allows you to scan a single computer or multiple IP addresses for available Windows File & Print Sharing resources. This is probably one of the most dangerous and easily exploitable security holes. It is common for your novice users to have their printers or their entire hard drive shared without being aware of it. This utility will help you to find these resources, so you can secure them with a firewall or by informing your users how to properly configure their shares with tighter security.


PortScan allows you to scan a single computer or multiple IP addresses for available Internet services. This will allow you to identify which TCP ports need to be blocked by your firewall, if you wish to secure them. Or it will allow you to identify unused services that are running, so they can be stopped.


WebBrute will allow you to scan your web directories that are protected with HTTP authentication, testing the security strength of your users' passwords. This will allow you to better enforce your password maintenance policies to ensure that your users are not using easily guessed passwords, or passwords that match their username.

Click here to download or get help with NetBrute Scanner.


Your enemy.

These same types of tools have been available to the UNIX equipped hacker for years. As a system administrator, you can now empower yourself with the proper weapons to defend your computer system without having to run UNIX.

Penetration analysis software that can run on your Windows® workstation!